27th February Delivery "Tom Parsons Trust Fundraiser"

The Tom Parson’s Trust: Sue and Nick Parsons, along with support from family and friends have set up the Tom Parsons Trust in memory of their son Tom. At the time of his sudden death, Tom’s diagnosis was unclear, but it appeared to be a cardiac problem. After several months of further investigation, the autopsy showed the cause of Tom’s death was myocarditis.  
Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle which causes degeneration or death of heart muscle cells. Myocarditis can be mild and cause virtually no noticeable symptoms. The most frequent symptom is chest pain. Often, myocarditis improves on its own without treatment and can lead to complete recovery. However, in some cases like Tom’s, along with 5% to 20% of other young adults, myocarditis can rapidly progress to heart failure. 

The Tom Parson’s Trust fundraising efforts enables researchers and physicians to advance development of accurate, rapid diagnostic methods and safe, effective therapies. The Trust also provides and maintain defibrillators in the Malton and Norton region. To date they have provided 10 public access defibrillators. 

The TP’s Tea is a celebration of Tom’s life, but also a chance for us to remember that things must go on. There are still seven million people in the UK living with cardiovascular disease today, and so many people like Tom are dying too young. 
The funds that we raise will help Professor Federica Marelli-Berg, Dr Sam Mohiddin and their team to discover new ways to diagnose and treat myocarditis. Although Tom’s life was cut short by heart disease, this doesn’t stop us from making a huge difference to other people.

£5 from each meal ordered will be donated to The Tom Parson's Trust.

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